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I love the interesting articles
tailored to get me through my entrepreneurial journey, Five Stars!
Jeff Semanski
Oslo, Norway
Great job on a publication that stands out.
Chock full of motivational and proven ideas ready for implementation. Keep up the good work.
Uwe Marquard
Munich, Germany
I own two successful businesses.
Your article in Issue-16 saved me close to twenty thousand Canadian dollars in just one month. Thank you!
Joe Lavoise
Ontario, Canada
Got this mag for my brother last Christmas.
He is now running his own small business. A big thank you to the publishers!
Millea Kim
Seoul, Korea
Always has something new to try.
Love the content.
Fionna Dunn
London, UK
Nice app
with up-to-date information.
Gary Xi
Shanghai, China

Jeffrey De Laure
Founder, SMB Strategist

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